When an Agent Brings an Investor to Alea Investments

We know your clients have a choice when purchasing real estate; and we know you do too. Because of licensing concerns for real estate agents that do not carry securities licenses and due to the fact that our investments are not registered with the SEC, we do not provide details of our investment properties to real estate agents. However, we will protect each agent by registering their client and agreeing to pay a commission to any agent when their investor decides to invest with Alea Investments. Commissions will be calculated based upon the amount of money invested at the time an introduction is made. Commissions on future investments must be agreed to in advance in writing.

When Alea Purchases a Property

Alea Investments follows the practices and customs of each local market in which it operates. In cases where it is common, Alea Investments will act as a principal, represent itself and collect commissions for its actions in most transactions. In the event that Alea Investments can not represent itself due to licensing limitations and provisions which may exist from state to state, country to country Alea Investments will represent itself as a principal and seek an advisory fee.


When Alea Disposes of a Property

Alea Investments knows that experienced real estate agents have access to some of the best buyers. We will utilize real estate agents to list and sell our assets and pay a typical commission structure for each transaction. Alea Investments will protect each buying agent by registering their buyer for each transaction.



This is neither an offer to sell nor an offer to buy real estate or securities. There are material risks associated with the ownership of any real estate. You must be an accredited investor.