Robert Edward
President of Alea Properties 

Robert Edward has devoted his time to Alea for the past 25years. Robert has transformed the business he has founded over two decades ago into one of the most globally active companies with properties in 3 continents. In addition to overseeing the company's development, Robert has negotiated several of the companies transactions with various institutional lenders and tenants.

Robert started off by founding Alea at the age of 24. Robert oversaw around 60 employees and as a team they serviced major corporations such as Barclays Bank, Standard Chartered, ABSA, United Nations, BP. Alea undertook the project of rebuilding Barclays Banks from manufacturing to installations of furniture to approximately 400 branches. Robert had then began to travel to attend exhibitions and visit clients in countries such as England, Germany, Italy, just to name a few. It was within all these travels that Robert's vision began to expand globally, "during my visits I saw that all the people in the world are the same in many ways. The only difference was me and when I realized that I learnt, adopted and made a decision that I could live and work anywhere in the world."