About Us
Alea Properties is a diverse company with a portfolio of commercial properties in three continents around the world. Alea Properties develops, buys, sells, leases, and manages commercial properties. Alea Properties is also a resources of businesses who want to expand globally.
Alea Properties invests in properties that include shopping centers, industrial complexes, storage facilities, warehouses, offices, and commercial centers.

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Mission Statement
Alea Properties' mission is striving to help provide businesses with commercial spaces tailored to meet their specific needs. We are committed to creating solutions for companies who are looking to expand their businesses nationally and or globally. We are dedicated to honoring our commitments and will continue to build positive relationships with our clients and employees based on mutual trust and respect.

Vision Statement
Alea Properties' vision is to be the recognized global leader in the commercial property industry.

Our Values
God, Family, then Business

Alea Properties is a partner of the Christian Business Leaders Roundtable (C.B.L). The purpose of this organization is advancing and encouraging Christian business leaders to operate their businesses on Biblical principals.