Albert Edward 

Managing Director
Albert Edward is Managing Director of Alea Properties. Mr. Edward is involved in all phases of acquisition and management since 2013. Mr. Edward has management responsibility over the firms finance, acquisitions and development functions in the mid-west region. Mr. Edward is Chief  underwriter for any acquisitions Globally. 

Mr. Edward sits on the Cicninnati Rotaract Board as Treasurer.

Mr. Edward relationship with real estate started at the age of 13, when his father Mr. Robert Edward owned office Manufacturing plants globally. In his spare time Mr. Edward would operate / program these sophisticated pieces of machinery with little to no help, except by observation. This showed knowledge beyond his years. He was project manager at age 17, while still at school. This enhanced his knowledge, and helped him grow and uses this knowledge and expertise in the Real Estate field today.

Mr. Edward Graduated cum laude with a BA in Accounting from Lindsey Wilson College and was on the President list three out of the four years. While maintaining a remarkable GPA throughout his college career, Mr.Edward was also part of the Lindsey Wilson College Soccer team that won 1 National Championship and made 3 Final Four appearances. Through this remarkable achievement he was noticed and was drafted in the 2014 MLS superdraft. 


Director of Operations
Allen Edward is head of Operations for Alea Properties. Mr. Edward oversees and manages the day to day operations of properties including all phases of maintenance for buildings, grounds, and where applicable, on-site equipment through the direct supervision of maintenance supervisors and outside contractors to ensure properties are properly maintained in accordance with company standards and maintenance agreements. Mr. Edward also responds to tenant complaints and issues, and serves as the liaison to tenants and the enforcement of landlord rules and regulations. This in turn gives Mr. Edward the advantage to recommend and oversee the development or redevelopment of assigned properties to increase property attractiveness and improve income flow.


Director of Leasing and Acquisitions
Ellen Edward is the Head of the Leasing and Acquisitions department of Alea Properties. Ms Edward has been involved in all phases of leases and acquisition since 2009.

Including deal evaluation, pre development planning, financing, design, construction, sales and marketing, and ensuring Alea's Physical and operational standards are met. She is involved in all decisions, large and small. Ms. Edward has helped acquire over $15 million worth of properties for the team at Alea. 

Ms. Edward works hand in hand with prospective tenants in trying to figure out the best possible lease for both parties to enter.