Invest. Add Value. Manage

Acquisition / Investments

Alea Properties focuses on value-added real estate opportunities that require a comprehensive solution to successfully restructure or reposition the property. We have acquired numerous buildings for long-term appreciation and value. We use this experience to find properties with solid income and equity appreciation value.

With over 30 years of real estate investing experience, we offer a unique platform for investors to capitalize on distressed real estate opportunities with a firm that encompasses unparalleled knowledge, innovation and discipline.

Our top priorities in investments are to maximize value and minimize risk, while adhering to the following major goals:

  • Controlling expenses
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Introducing facility enhancements, including sustainability
  • Transforming underutilized assets to higher and better uses
  • Matching expanding clients within our portfolio with new investment opportunities

Redevelopment / Renovation

Alea Properties Properties has substantial experience in the redevelopment and renovation of existing properties, from Fairfax sites, such as Colonial Center and PPA Building. Or the renovation and full occupancy of Memphis site Parkway Plaza. These types of projects have strong financial and environmental benefits to their immediate communities.
Sustainable renovation and redevelopment strategies: 

  • Preserve infrastructure and green space
  • Extend the life cycle of a structure
  • Conserve land and reduce sprawl
  • Revitalize urban life and declining neighborhoods
  • Reduce energy use by 25% and water use by 50%
  • Provide competitive lease rates for the end user